Interaction…what you can do

Here’s what you can do in VR Kanojo!

First of all, check this video out!

PV ver.1


PV ver.2

There are many ways to interact with her.


When you find the icons of YES/NO in the air, you can choose by moving your head.

If you want to express YES, you shake your head vertically, and if NO, horizontally.


When you find a light blue colored area on her body, you can touch the place with your hand(controller) and interact with her!

●Changing clothes

You can enter her room stealthily and choose your favorite clothes to dress her up! Besides clothes, there are many accessories and underwear!

Oh yeah! And you can customize Sakura’s appearance with a variety of different outfits. Sound like fun? You bet it is!


Enjoy interaction with her!

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